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everyone wants to tell you how to run a perfect project. we don't tell you, we do it. 


helping brands to grow is about arousing enthusiasm - from the first impulse to the last decimal. our interdisciplinary team with experience from many industries and not only a pinch of humor guarantees successful brand messages.

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for us, a project starts with a bunch of questions which is why we all sit down at the round table. with an independent view from the outside and our experience from numerous projects, we seek the open exchange about your communication measures and also dare to question things that have "always been done that way".

how - sparring


we present brands intelligently, emotionally and in an involving manner - convincingly in every dimension.


our broadly experienced team works creatively on every level: we mix shapes, colors, interior and exterior, analog and digital, light, film, sound and text. our goal is to create strong, lasting impressions and fascinating experiences conveying your brand message in the best possible way.

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with us you can build more than just castles in the sand. 30 years of experience don't let us shy away from any challenge. we plan your project from the time schedule to measuring its success. keeping an eye on the entire communication with the partner network of event organizers, production companies, graphic designers and all trades is our duty - so to keep your mind free.

why - planung

our partner network delivers any wish for your project, from the custom screw to the streaming tool, from the vr-experiences to the influencer - precisely fitting, on time and internationally! we take care of construction, reconfiguring, programming and sustainable planning all with a precise eye on quality of the project. as your contracting partner, we are responsible for the flawless execution of your project.


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