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designcompany strives for the real wow  - from the initial briefing to keeping costs under control. whether on paper or in a physical space, in our customers' minds, visitors' chats and project teams, for us it's all about the excitement.




brands fascinate, impress, make you laugh and make you cry.

no matter which perspective you take, key here is keeping the essentials in place and communicating clearly to yourself, to customers and to the world. no more, no less.

since 1988, designcompany is focused on communication within spaces. we create unique, professional, emotional appearances and make brands come alive in all formats - at events, at trade fairs, in retail, at roadshows and in digital spheres.


our interdisciplinary team with many years of experience and know-how guarantees a smooth and professional cooperation on all levels and throughout all phases of the project.


we propel your brand to the third dimension and beyond.

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