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the speed of light

going by the title "the speed of light," audi presents the history of lighting development in the automobile at the museum mobile in ingolstadt. ten vehicles illustrate the various development stages and eras of lighting technology, from candles and kerosene lamps to modern headlights and taillights. other exhibits show the function and aesthetics of the constantly evolving vehicle lighting, both inside and outside.

audi is a pioneer in automotive lighting development and has always defined new standards, such as the use of the first leds in full headlights and the development of laser high beams. the exhibition likewise provides a glimpse into the future - the digitization of light enables new ways of interaction and communication among different road users. various exhibits in the collection make this tangible.

the reduced architecture offers light a prominent stage in the context of this exhibition. the visitor experiences the chronological milestones of the development of light at audi through a clear, yet surprising routing.

exhibition_ the speed of light

client_ auto union gmbh

location_ ingolstadt, germany

scope of work_ lp 1-8 (hoai performance phases), execution planning, tendering and contracting, approval planning, construction management

partners_ construction: sectroplan gmbh

copyright images 3 & 5: audi newsroom (2022)


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