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nature connections

in the realm of naturopathy and holistic well-being, establishing a strong and engaging digital presence is key to connecting with and supporting a dedicated community. for Anna Frischknecht’s naturopathic practice, our aim goes beyond mere visibility. we are dedicated to fostering an active, engaging social media presence, crafted carefully to guide her clients through a comprehensive customer journey funnel. the color scheme is inspired by nature, reflecting the practice's focus on natural and holistic approaches to health. earthy tones represent stability and grounding, while accents of soft blues are incorporated to convey tranquility and trust, creating a soothing visual experience for the audience. our social media strategy is crafted to reflect this mission, providing valuable content that educates, inspires, and motivates her audience.


branding_  Anna Frischknecht

client_ Anna Frischknecht

scope of work_ conception, ideation and creation of the brand, incl. values, strategy, ci and cd assets, social media strategy, social media identity explorations and defintions, social media communicative assets, content planning and creation

partners_ kira gyöngyösi

project lead_ luigi bond-tropeano


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