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mentality lights

in the evolving landscape of mental health awareness and education, the launch of ENL1GHT marks a significant step forward for mental health market. our mission is to craft an identity and online presence for ENL1GHT that resonates deeply and personally with its audience, particularly the younger generation. the essence of this branding and website design is meticulously engineered to resonate with the spirit and challenges of today’s youth, marrying with their empowerment. our design philosophy for ENL1GHT is rooted in joy, brightness, and youthful energy. the color scheme is intentionally lively, featuring bright yellows that evoke optimism, vibrant pinks that resonate with warmth and creativity, and refreshing greens that symbolize growth and harmony. designed to attract and engage the audience, making mental health a topic of interest rather than a chore. the website itself is a testament to this philosophy, creating an environment that feels like a breath of fresh air. at ENL1GHT, the journey to mental strength is imbued with color, light, and positivity.

branding_  ENL1GHT

client_ ENL1GHT

scope of work_ conception, ideation and creation of the brand, incl. values, strategy, ci and cd assets, social media strategy, social media identity explorations and defintions, social media communicative assets, content planning and creation

project lead_ luigi bond-tropeano


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