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under the leaves

at anuga, a world of innovation and taste, Yemmi's booth stands as a sanctuary of natural beauty and traditional charm. the space is designed to transport visitors straight into the heart of an Armenian village garden, where the essence of nature and heritage converge. A natural element, a big tree in the center, not only draws the eye but also encapsulates our commitment to authenticity and the deep connection to the land that Yemmi represents. Surrounded by the warmth of wooden accents and the soft greenery of hanging plants, the booth evokes the feeling of a leisurely afternoon under the shade of a garden's trees. It's an invitation to step away from the hustle and bustle of the fair and into a space where the flavors of Yemmi's tomato, apricot, and walnut products can be savored in an environment that resonates with their origins.

trade fair_ Yemmi at anuga cologne 2023

client_ GN LLC

location_ cologne, germany

scope of work_ general planning trade fair presentation, communication concept, design, implementation planning, media planning, tendering and awarding, approval planning, trade fair construction, construction management

partners_ construction: seifert & kröger messebau gmbh; technical implementation: vmann e.K.

projekt lead_ Vivian Bond-Grothaus


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