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siberian realm

adventure and strength - the heart of GN Tobacco at Intertabac 2023 in Dortmund. embracing the spirit of the product, our booth themed like a siberian hockey field, offered a refreshing backdrop to showcase the bold flavors of SIBERIA, HIT, and White Fox snus products. crafted by our team, the 120m² area was more than just a display space; it was a hub of interaction and discovery. utilizing innovative design elements, the booth featured interactive zones where visitors could deeply engage with the products. large screens on towering walls displayed snowy landscapes and dynamic hockey figures, immersing visitors in a wintry realm. the centerpiece created an atmosphere of cool elegance, drawing visitors into the heart of our booth.

this well-lit, interactive space wasn't just about showcasing products; it was an invitation into an adventurous world, combining striking visuals and innovative design to leave a memorable impression at Intertabac 2023.

trade fair_ InterTabac 2023

client_ GN Tobacco Sweden AB

location_ dortmund, germany

scope of work_ general planning trade fair presentation, communication concept, design, implementation planning, media planning, tendering and awarding, approval planning, trade fair construction, construction management

partners_ constructuion: b+s exhibitions gmbh; technical installations: VMANN e.K.

project lead_ Vivian Bond-Grothaus


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