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at TwitchCon 2023, elgato's booth stood as an innovation, encapsulating the brand's commitment to enhancing the creative process for content creators worldwide. this year's booth is a testament to the powerful bond between streamers and their audiences. inspired by the concept of "community frames" , we've designed an environment that mirrors the dynamic world of content creation. for the Vegas TwitchCon, the spotlight was on the Marketplace, a new section devoted to elgato's latest product, offering a hands-on experience in a real-world setting. the layout of the booth followed a clear strategy, with product showcases positioned adjacent to the aisle, drawing the attention of passersby and inviting them into the elgato experience. within this vibrant space, visitors encountered areas dedicated to interaction and engagement, where the potential of elgato's technology was brought to life through practical demonstrations and live influencer sessions. acknowledging TwitchCon's community focus in the US, elgato featured a partners Lounge for meet'n'greets with various content creators, enhancing the community vibe. elgato's participation was a celebration of creative spirit, hinting at the future of content creation with a mix of innovation and community engagement.

convention_ elgato TwitchCon las vegas 2023

client_ Corsair GmbH (elgato brand)

location_ las vegas, nv, usa

scope of work_ general planning trade fair presentation, communication concept, design, implementation planning, media planning, tendering and awarding, approval planning, trade fair construction, construction management

partners_ construction: astound group inc.

projekt lead_ Moritz Ansorge


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