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tep immobilien is the project of two committed real estate enthusiasts to tap the munich market with an entrepreneurial spirit. their interdisciplinary experience around the topic of real estate, sales, valuation but also construction and engineering, propels the two brothers to kick-off with verve and charisma. tep immobilien's plan and offering called for an image and brand foundations that best conveyed its services to the outside world - including an original nuance. especially for acquisition purposes, a set of brand assets was created that authentically represent the promise, underline their professionalism and display their far-reaching services.

link to their website:

branding_ tep immobilien branding

client_ tep immobilien gbr

scope of work_ conception, ideation and creation of the brand, incl. values, strategy, ci and cd assets, web design, stationery design

project lead_ luigi bond-tropeano


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