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balloon sky

for OMR 24, Mawave and Charles unveiled a booth that exemplified a creative response to strong audience engagement.

the design was tailored to captivate, showcasing both brands' commitment to vibrant and youthful energy. the booth's centerpiece was the "balloon sky" concept, an eye-catching canopy of blue and yellow balloons that stretched across the ceiling, reflecting Mawave’s and Charles' brand colors. this design choice brought a playful, yet sophisticated air to the booth, symbolizing a sky of possibilities. the balloons not only added a burst of color but also created a dynamic visual that attracted visitors from across the venue. designed the booth with functionality in mind, incorporating a small area for private conversations while maintaining an open and inviting main area. this layout ensured seamless flow and accessibility, encouraging interaction and maximizing visitor engagement. guests explored the brands’ offerings in a hands-on manner and share their experiences instantly, amplifying our reach beyond the event itself. the design of the Mawave & Charles booth at OMR 24 exemplifies how creativity, aligned with strategic planning and yet simple means can create extraordinary experiences.


convention_ Mawave x Charles OMR24

client_ Mawave Marketing GmbH, Charles GmbH

location_ hamburg, germany

scope of work_ general planning trade fair presentation, communication concept, design, implementation planning, media planning, tendering and awarding, approval planning, trade fair construction, construction management

partners_ constraction: schneider promotion & transport gmbh, conro containermanufaktur gmbh

projekt lead_ Moritz Ansorge


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