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driven by the sun

as part of this year's iaa transportation, sono motors presented photovoltaic solutions that open up unprecedented possibilities for electromobility in the professional sector. as wished by our client, designcompany developed a completely modular and reusable trade fair presence. an exciting task was not only to pay attention to the sustainability of the materials used, but also to develop a concept that can be used in the long-term for a wide variety of application scenarios. special attention was paid to interpreting and implementing the look and feel of the sono motors brand into the three-dimensional space. the specially developed modular frame construction as well as the easels and presentation furniture provided an adequate stage for the solar modules and control units to be presented to the industry.

trade fair_ sono motors iaa transportation

client_ sono motors gmbh

location_ hannover, germany

scope of work_ general planning trade fair presentation, communication concept, design, implementation planning, media planning, tendering and awarding, approval planning, trade fair construction, construction management

partners_ construction: agma gmbh; steel frames: metallisten gmbh

project lead_ moritz ansorge


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