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color to the square

volkswagen was excited to showcase take its latest model, the id.7, to ces 2023 in las vegas presenting the car in an innovative outdoor booth experience. based on the concept and design by schachzug aka. these guys, the booth offered a welcoming open lounge to catch all of the sun and offer a nice place to relax during the show. by using shipping containers for a calmer meeting area and the bar the two-side-open booth created a unique and modern atmosphere revealing the car's colorful and futuristic paint job at every corner. visitors had the opportunity to enjoy a mesmerizing light show inside the booth, highlighting the sleek design and advanced technology of the id.7 as it is still on the road for its official reveal later this year. the concept also had a small easter egg in form of a huge qr code on top of the booth making sure you don't miss the story behind the car from any angle.

trade fair_ vw id.7 ces 2023

client_ volkswagen ag

location_ las vegas, nv, usa

scope of work_ lp 1-8 (hoai performance phases), execution planning, tendering and contracting, approval planning, construction management

partners_ concept/design: schachzug gmbh; technical planning: niyu gmbh; light show design: optikalusion; booth construction: astound group inc.; technical implementation: velocity xd

project lead_ vivian bond-grothaus


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