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a8 world premiere miami

for the world premiere of the audi a8 as part of art basel miami beach, we built a 1000 square meter hall on the atlantic, covered with white textile bands. this huge temporary sculpture required cooperation with a wide variety of trades and partners on two continents: we had to take the strict american building and safety regulations into account as early as the design stage and followed them meticulously during planning and construction supervision. the entire project handling in the run-up and on site was in the best hands with us.

event_ world premiere of the new audi a8

client_ audi ag

location_ miami beach, fl, usa

scope of work_ lp 1-8 (hoai performance phases), conception and design, execution planning, tendering and contracting, approval planning, construction management

partners_ technical planning: tfn gmbh, construction: metron eging gmbh


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